love du jour

yes, this is an overzealous example that i am neither heartless nor i am above getting a little misty when i see things like this.

perfect sunday afternoon.

random makeshift skating rink (with a boom box in a baby stroller so sk8rs could rock out to the appropriate jams. for what's a skating rink with a soundtrack? a highly polished wood floor & people going in circles.)
still fully engaged using my stalker lens. kids seem to be the easiest to photograph...until their parents inevitably see me & i feel like a child molester.
san francisco. a friend & i were discussing this recently, and came to the conclusion that the reason the city is so chill is that all these different tribes-the deadheads, the skating-obsessed, the queens, the yuppies, the my-body-is-art-hence-all-the-metal-poking-out-of-me's, all these microchasms & microclimates living side by side.
(reader should note, my general optimism about all things sf/ca will continue in the "california is siq" series.)