that's right kiddies, s-e-s-q-u-i-p-e-d-a-l-o-p-h-i-l-i-a. "love of long words".

i am now well-versed in the philias", thanks to a recent tag someone chucked my way (logophile - which is true, but still)...
click on the picture below to find a few things you love-and create your own list of self-indulgent categories to roll around in. it's kind of fun, really. you can also find a similar list of phobias, but who wants to obsess on fears...geesh.

c'mon, you little neophytes, you know you want to...

ok, greatest thing ever...i ran across a link from one good bumblebee (a lady with a wicked eye for funsies & who also shares my rather emo-taste in music) called "wordie-flickr, but without the pictures." it is the new best thing ever. fact.

knackered in north beach,
the logophile