all hail the cassette tape

the cassette tape was instrumental (pun intended) to my musical education. without it, i never would have heard michael jackson or peter, paul & mary (thanks mom & papi for that great hippie sing-a-long all the way from texas to the grand canyon. i still have nightmares "lemon tree very pretty"...kill me.) so yeah, i have a soft spot in my heart for anything cassette-related. especially because now because the only place you find them are in salvage yards & your parent's basement.

so this got me to thinking. what have the crafty-www people come up with, since playing music from tapes isn't going to happen (does anyone but my dad still even own a tape player??). i found quite a few wicked ideas. way to go, upcyclers!this brilliant re-use i found from the bottomless paddling pool's photostream on flickr. i SO WISH i thought of it myself. it's brilliant. case for your ipod. no tragic scratching on the back like mine. AND you can put it in the case the tape came in & no front scratches either! i will be the coolest kid at the park. fact.originally designed & developed by tami walker-i found a tutorial on instructables by boxyqueens-and for you uber crafty peops, this will be something you can do.found on etsy (magical crafting world where everyone is a genius). a notebook, by bibliopegy. freaking great.
this one is a wallet/id holder by sweetheartsinner. it is the best one i've seen. there is a tutorial on instructables to make a change purse with a cassette tape cover. also cute (& you could buy the tapes for almost nothing at a junk/goodwill/salvage yard!)