doggone (...dumb??!)

saw a story in newsweek magazine to there being a plenitude of animal lovers & that products for pets have gone off the charts. all i can say (in IM/SMS language is...) OMG. these things totally cracked up/horrified me.
gazillion's fetch a bubble, $14.95. it makes bubbles that taste like chicken, bacon & beef. picture this: your dog chasing bubbles that taste like ribs. what's next? dead gopher? pigeon pie? weird.

next we have the ipond. that's right, ipond. which combines portable speakers with an actual fish tank. this OBVIOUSLY enrages most people. most reviews of it describe the "tank" as 15 times too small for your own soon-to-be-dead-nemo. can't people be happy with plain old fish wallpaper backgrounds? really?? a real fish? people are strange. no link to this one, let's not give these nutters the satisfaction.i don't need to tell you what this one does. it's called a hot doll, coming soon. wow. will your dog prefer this over your leg? time will tell, i guess.