only sinister men have mustaches

for some bizarre reason, the universe is telling me to give a shout out to the tom-selleck...yes, the illusive & ever-tricksy mustache. i keep running across mustached-items...& can't deny you the fun any longer. enjoy! (picture found at...well...ffffound, of course.)

from supermarkethq, this perfect tote is pretty much something i want right now. (& i HATE-repeat ad infinitum-mustaches. once for a birthday present, the guy i was dating asked what i wanted-i asked him to shave his face or he wouldn't need to worry about getting me anything because we wouldn't be talking anymore. ouch.)these pencils are expensive, but worth it? probably.*ps, i made a felt weird animal thing that has a super-emo mustache. hope to post that later. get excited, oh-so-very excited.