(insert scary laugh here)

yes, i did it. i beat the man.

design within reach-unequivocally awesome & undeniably too expensive for me (today, someday, i will buy you all treats from there, just for fun, because i don't what else do with my dumpster loads of cash.)

i wanted this kay bojesen wooden monkey forever (yes, my taste ranges from neo-modern to post-weird.) but everywhere i could buy it (including dwr) was $200 smacks. really couldn't justify that much dinero for a wooden toy. even i have my limits.

found it on ebay for less than $50. had to fix the joints, but this only cost me $10 ducks. yes, i'm bragging. but the bigger lesson here is good things do (eventually) come to those who wait. take that, fancy people!

"things come to those who wait-but only things left behind by those who hustle." - abe lincoln