someone stabbed me

this thing to my left here opens & you can use it like a cubbie. yep, i still love cubbies, best part of my day is putting something in a labeled box.
if all of sudden all my cubbies & boxes & secret organizing holes vanished, i would look like a homeless man, or one of those trash cars (ALL OF THE CITY, cars filled to the top with garbage, even in the driver's seat. maybe it's an art project??)

whatever, if someone stabbed you (or me), as the title implies, this first aid clandestine shelf would do you absolutely no good-i was just using a little marketing tool we call "lying" to lure you in.

god, i'm clever. only $23 dead presidents @ kikkerland.

saw these gems at mighty goods. so even if you are stabbed, you can look like stepped right off the pages of a comic book. (i guess more like "scraped"-doesn't "stabbing" imply a certain depth of puncture? if you got actually got knifed, you would probably need more than a band-aid. wait...hold the phones. if some nancy came up to me, shoved a prison shiv into my leg, and i walked away with only a smidge of blood-only needing a band-aid, i WOULD be a super hero.) whatever, you can do whatever you want with these, $9 one-dollar bills @ pedlars (& if the pound keeps falling, you may keep them cheaper than that. bam.)& last, but certainly not least. a life-line coat hanger. c'mon little buddy. you can make it. it's only a flesh wound. you are such a baby. i'll be at absinthe if you get out of the ER tonight. good luck with that. ($24 greenbacks @ kikkerland.)