thankless theatrical thursday

things that are anathema to me today, thursday, 16. october.
(i used "anathema" to freak you out. it totally worked; let's be real.)

*my hair is greasy, i really should have washed it last night, but i hate blow drying SO MUCH, i would rather be miserable all day than spend all night with hot air burning my scalp. strangely, i HATE having greasy hair too. it makes me want to grab a cart from safeway, throw old shit in it & walk around talking to myself-interspersing the vagabond-ing with judo chops & primordal threats of "killing the monkey." nothing great can be done on a day with gross hair.

*it's sunny outside, and i'm inside. but on the weekend, when i can be outside, it's gross. wtf.

*there are people in the midwest that do not think is funny. this depresses me.

-continuing to write this is actually making me more agro. someone needs a nap.