when i'm rich

when i have a lot of money, i will do philanthropic & generous & green & noble things with my bags of cash/gold.
i will also have a bat signal installed onto my roof (of my very posh loft apartment, here in the city.) i will use this signal on cloudy nights like this one. it will be a beacon for parties or political gatherings or just because i can. (it will be solar powered or ecological not-damaging somehow, green {goody}, by then technology will have come so far that i can have a bat signal without doing any planet damage.)
oh, i will also mix it up with different symbols. a big "m" on my birthday, a big round moon on nights without one. it's going to be great. my & my night sky art.

(ps, a friend of mine, when this question was posed said he would get a monkey to wear a glove with long nails, whose job it would be to scratch his bald head-all the time. what a weirdo.)