back on the grid

quite a holiday, eh? i have so many things on my google reader right now, i am overwhelmed. oh, that and doing my job-a minor inconvenience when trying to stay in touch with all of you...blurg.

because my brain is becoming more & more fried as each tick-tock pounds in my ear (why there is never enough time to get everything done)...a few ways for those of you not stressed & wanting to escape to weird places.

(from left to right)
the rather difficult i love typography game. for those of you that love fonts & to use when you have no discretion (or self-control).
wardomatic, own of my favorite sketchers/artists e.v.e.r. if you want to feel really *sigh*, check out what he did here, a few years ago for his wife. read the whole story. it made me a fan for life.
lunch bag art (can this guy please be my best friend & draw on me? please?)