ferris wheel of death

trapped on the world's tallest ferris wheel for 6 hours. approximately 541 ft up in the air.

so many questions...i mean, someone had to have "used the facilities in his/her pants." that's certain. the article says the "stranded passengers were given food & water throughout their ordeal." wait. how is that possible? was a helicopter dropping water bottles & grilled cheeses to the people in the doom-baskets? if it was possible to get these kids food & water, why in all that is holy couldn't they get them off?

now i am not afraid of heights. but ferris wheels are f*ing scary. fact. the basket seats rock back & forth, it's really bleeping windy...oh, and this fun-mobile had 28 people per "capsule." kill me now. the claustrophobia is starting to make my eye twitch. TWENTY EIGHT PEOPLE PER CAR. & if they were american tourists...well let's just say i bet that each little car was bursting at the seams. throw up.

that settles it. all this technology is leaving us a million inches up in the air, mashed with obese thrill seekers for 6 hours, smelling like pee & sweat.

molly out.