the mafia runs trade shows

i mean, SERIOUSLY?!?! $6,000 for plain, a**-ugly carpet for 3 days? are you insane?! i will be fashioning my booth carpet out of old ring-ding wrappers, or used latex gloves found between now & then on the streets of my fair city (...or something) this is making me SO AGRO.

as is the 476 page exhibition manual. way to go, malevolent monday. i can think of very few things that could be more tedious than this (well, i mean i COULD think of other things...anything involving actuary tables-i don't even know what these are, but people that do always look really sad & depressed & anxious...what else...anything requiring constant smiling from ear-to-shining-ear, which would positively kill me-ok. so that's 2 things more tedious. well played, molly.) back to my own personal idaho. (which is a synonym for "hell" in this case, and maybe all cases.)

(picture from vanity fair spread of hitchcock movies-click on the new picture & it shows you the old one, kind of cool.) this one is from stranger on a train, which i quasi-watched last night.)