strange victory, strange defeat

is it better to be super efficient or friendly? this is of course not related to me, i am never going to be friendly, i'm just not wired that way. but here's why the moral dilemma.

in the garage where i park my car there used to be this old guy who was probably the happiest janitor in the world. every morning he would help me by carrying my computer bag from the gate to my car (approximately 12 paces), and then wave frantically while i pulled out. i never actually saw him doing any janitorial duties, but he smiled as if his life depended on it. his being around started my day off right-seriously-better than a good breakfast.

he also was "on duty" when 12 cars got robbed, mine being one of them. he was out the door before the ink on the police report was dry.

now the new guy. guy is a machine. every time i see him he is sweeping something or moving trash cans around. he is efficient ernie. but he is the RUDEST man ever. doesn't even look up when i pass him. i've even tried to extend the olive branch by trying to say hello-no dice. i thought he was deaf the first 3 times i didn't get a response to my morning faux-cheeriness, so the next time i saw him, i was in his face with a freakish wave. he looked at me with a primordial disgust. this guy represents how i feel 97% of mornings, and his attitude is not doing me any favors. if i wanted grouchy i would stay at home alone all day.

so this begs the question-good worker or nice guy? in every other field i would say efficiency trumps smiley-i'm a workaholic first, and everything else is ancillary. that being said, janitor 2.0 is really jacking up my day.

smiles all around.