barcoded & ready for service

so...i had what i thought was an oh-so-original idea awhile back. i've wanted a tattoo on my wrist for a long time...at least a few years. nothing obnoxious-no latin, nothing floral. just something smallish on the inside of my right wrist. but i haven't pulled the proverbial trigger because i couldn't (& can't) for the life of me figure out something i want to look at permanently & forever.

so my idea...it came to me in a flash. a barcode! it represents everything i want to say-capitalism, robots, man vs. machine...everything. i really thought i had struck gold. i felt like the single most creative person in the world.

i mention my brilliant, fortune 500 idea to a friend. he looked me and laughed so hard he almost got hit by a bus. "there are whole websites of people that have had the same "genius, original" idea. it's one of the most over-done tattooes ever." i looked it up. there's even a GD wikipedia page.


so in lieu of getting a dumb tattoo, i collect random barcode stuff. here's to innovation.(barcode pillow. floor mat, wall decal)