molly mutt is open for business!!

finally opening day is here!! after months & months (more than a year?!) of getting all the details nailed down, molly mutt is officially launched! (prepare for the incoming hard sell.)

molly mutt is much more than a dog bed company.

our revolutionary dog duvet & stuff sack make creating & maintaining a stylish, comfortable, and clean dog bed easier - and less costly - than ever before. by making a new dog bed out of old pillows, blankets & clothes you have around your house, you save money AND keep stuff out of landfills! nearly 7% of all landfills are textiles...blech!

a $200 boutique dog bed, at a fraction of the cost. what's left to decide?!?

yes, i am using my blog just this once to promote what we have worked so hard to make! shop molly mutt & tell your friends!