APB breaker, breaker 1-9

sooooo, i had my car broken into last night & i've made a few pretty interesting observations.

things stolen:
1. radio
2. clif bars from the glove compartment

things NOT stolen:
1. twizzlers from SAME glove compartment as the health food bars
2. stripe-y gap sweater

now, you the discerning reader, are wondering what i gathered from the data above. i've drawn a little sketch of who this ragamuffin is.

the thief is a white male, with views on corporations (he only buys local, and would rather be caught dead than wearing something from the gap/aka "the man".) he drives a VW van & doesn't wear shoes because they hinder his free spirit.

keep your eyes open, people.

(ps, if i was a thief, i would NEVER leave twizzlers behind & steal granola bars. that's just tragic.)