it's time for molly mutt clean!

now, without further ado...molly mutt clean is finally here!

here's how it happened. you know i came up with the dog bed duvets & stuff sacks to make it easier to have a clean dog bed any time. but fact of the matter is-sometimes your dog (DEFINITELY my dogs) still stinks. and since we all want the best for our furry children, i went looking for a natural freshener to spray on the dogs' beds & couldn't find anything that didn't smell like febreeze (GAG) or super perfume-y (which is also vomit-inducing.) i mean, if i want a scent, i'll light a candle...i just wanted something to take the stink of out of the bed without hurting my pigs.

so just like with the dog duvets, since i couldn't find it...i made it! molly mutt "fresh" dog bed freshener was born. and to make a more well-rounded family, we came up with "wash" dog shampoo & "soft" dog coat conditioner.

our molly mutt clean line of safe, sulfate, paraben, artificial color & synthetic fragrance free products use essential oils to calm, protect & clean. our brand new line of all natural dog care products that are manufactured in california and meet the standards of natural as set by the natural products association. (holla!!)

fresh - our 8 oz spray dog bed freshener. sometimes the dog bed smells just enough -that it needs just a quick freshening up. molly mutt "fresh" removes — doesn't just cover — odors with safe, natural enzymes. the geranium essential oil is also a natural flea and tick repellent, while the lavender essential oil helps dogs settle while also adding a fresh bedding scent. because its safe - use it as often as you want!

wash - our 16.5 oz shampoo cleans the coat without drying the dogs skin. the rosemary and peppermint essential oils create a clean, fresh scent — and they are anti-bacterial. safe to use with the flea and tick medications molly mutt "wash" leaves the dog clean and naturally clean smelling — without the use of any synthetic fragrances or artificial colorants.
soft - our 8 oz spray dog coat conditioner detangles and conditions and helps promote a healthy shine. the rosemary and peppermint essential oils create a fresh, clean scent. ss with our "wash" shampoo, the essential oils used in molly mutt "soft" are naturally anti-bacterial.