between the hours of 2-4 am...i am a-sewing my brains out


that's right. i am getting my money's worth out of my machine recently. i am a woman possessed. i've made skirts out of old ratty curtains, aprons out of duvet scraps & more purses than louis vuitton (ok, maybe that's a teense of an overstatement...)

lessons i've learned in my recent foray into sewing:
1. seam ripper = bff. i want a cord to wear mine around my neck.
2. i am a complete spaz when it comes to patterns & find i am much better suited to work (& live) without instructions. (big surprise...) the best way to figure out what you want is take something you like, rip it all apart, and sew it all back together!
3. downstairs neighbors can get cranky when you sew at 2 am. *noted*




(the a-line skirt is super easy-once you figure out how to put a zipper in the side...which was a feat-and you can do a million things with it. it's not a pattern so much as a calculation. link here) baby kimono free sewing pattern here-it's super easy & is a great/cheap gift! link here.

**and yes, some of these pictures are awful...blurg. but i've got to SEW people...and that doesn't leave much time for photography.