now introducing...foto friday!!

we're going to start a new tradition here at molly mutt known as foto friday. (aren't fonetics fun?!)

in honor of the first foto friday i'd like to take this chance to introduce myself face-to-face. my name is brittany and i'm the newest member of the molly mutt team. there's really no better way to introduce myself then through the magic of song and dance, but as i'm a lousy musician i'll spell it out for you instead:
such a prince

B - is for baking, one of my favorite hobbies
R - is for rocky, my new best friend
I - is for IOWA, the place i call home
T - is for texas, the place i was born
T - is for tom petty, my all time favorite musician
A - is for always, as in you can always reach me at brittany@mollymutt.com
N - is for nicolas cage, an unexplainable movie star obsession
Y -is for yellow & gray, my current favorite color combo

the rules are simple: send us the silliest, cutest, or simply the best picture of your dog & a brief description of why your dog is awesome for a chance to be featured on foto friday! we can be reached at help@mollymutt.com.