diy tuesday: may flowers

may flowers
san francisco is not known for it's "friendly spring weather" & it can get pretty freaking gloomy. where we live, april showers definitely do not bring may flowers (or june flowers...or july flowers....you can see where i'm headed with this.)

soooooo, because we need a little sunshine, today's craft is fabric flowers! i've probably made 12 dozen of these-mostly because they're awesome. if you are new to a sewing machine, this is a FAB starter project. it takes more skill with scissors & hot glue than anything else! (it's also a great way to use scraps instead of throwing them out)

here's a link to the tutorial (tip #1-rickrack stitch. get into it. my only other tip would be don't freak out if you break threads or your petals aren't perfect-because honestly, most of my best flowers came from giant mistakes. see? i'm already sounding optimistic & poetic!)
*skips into the sunset*

may flowers, reb 2