diy tuesday: oh-so-pretty framed paper

on an impulse a few years ago i bought two vinyl black record (12x12) frames at target. mind you i don't own a lot of (or really any) vinyl and for months kept record sleeves (that i had found at goodwill) in the frames. in a redecorating frenzy i thought, it's time to dump these dingy cardboard covers and move on up!

being a former scrapbooker and to-this-day paper nerd i recalled that paper source, michaels, etc sell 12x12 single sheets of fun patterned paper! this diy assembly literally took minutes - the more difficult part, as usual, was deciding on the color combinations and patterns. i also spray painted the black frames to better suit my rooms - in this case white.

how to DIY:
1. buy a record frame
2. find some pretty paper! (lots of favorites at paper source)
3. if you so choose, remove the glass portion of your frame and re-color the metal frame using spray paint. (mine took two coats to fully cover the black)
4. after drying, place your 12x12 paper in your 12x12 record frame (i had to trim my paper just a bit)
5. always consider placing a picture of your favorite pet inside
6. hang proudly!