DIY tuesday!

at mm headquarters we couldn't be happier that it's beginning to feel a lot like spring in the bay area (and around most of the country)! with fresh new weather comes new excuses to get off our butts and be creative.

in the name of productivity we're starting DIY tuesdays!

the list of to-do DIY (do-it-yourself) projects have piled up over the winter and today we crossed one off - an ipad case courtesy of p.s. - i made this.

look what I made!

a trip to michael's (or any craft store) will give you more duct tape color choices than you'll ever need (& everything else on the list.) the color combination and pattern is up to you! listening to music while making your new ipad case is highly recommended. while at the craft store i heard dancing queen by everyone's favorite swedish pop group. i may or may have not listened to the song on repeat while crafting in the privacy of my own home.

your dog will most certainly love your new fashionable accessory, because let's be honest - who hasn't walked in on their dog using their ipad?