diy tuesday: chalkboard!

let's talk a bit about how amazing chalkboards are. not only can you start each day off with a brand new slate - with magic (and a bit of science) you can now diy a chalkboard almost anywhere you want! when i first saw chalkboard paint - available at most paint stores (or online at home depot). i was skeptical, but skeptics beware - this stuff really works!

for my diy chalkboard i chose the inside
of my bathroom cabinet mirror. what better time to remind yourself of the various to-dos in life then when brushing your teeth? the steps are easy:

1 - select the area you'd like to chalkboard, clean the surface, and make sure there are no nails, etc. causing any surface bumps. use smooth (no texture, please!) walls only.

2 - using masking tape, mark off the space for your chalkboard, and apply a chalkboard paint within the taped-off area.

3- wait for your brand-spanking-new chalkboard to dry and utilize!*

*depending on where you paint your new chalkboard you might try framing it with an empty picture frame.