diy tuesday: wedding favors!

soooooo, a girl-friend of mine asked me to make cookies as favors for her wedding (*gasp* could i have felt more honored?! probably not...)

oh the possibilities!

because i like to over-think pretty much EVERYTHING, i wanted to do something where the packaging would be easy to take home, and still cute enough to be displayed-as well as taste fabulous.
cookie packaging
i used the recipe for the peanut butter oatmeal cookies from annie's eats (they also taste AMAZING when you do the whole sandwich cookie, too...just an fyi...holy bananas they are marvelous!) & increased the size to 3 oz & added peanut butter chips. i printed up fun labels & a recipe card to go behind the cookie, and am putting everything in a cd sleeve (which i embossed with a non-lame wedding stamp)

i think it turned out swell, and the bottom line is, it only cost around $1 a cookie! (ps, if you are looking for me thursday night, i'll be the one in a bathing suit, sweltering in my kitchen for the 5 hours it's going to take to bake them all!)

(*& you can put money on all 3 of my dogs hanging around my feet-like it's their job-waiting for something to fall!)