press release-july 8, 2011

molly mutt was featured on Good Morning America on July 7th and the response has been fantastic!

your pets love the smell of your old clothes, pillows and blankets, and now you can "upcycle" your old clothing and blankets make a new, stylish, comfy dog bed or cat bed with a molly mutt duvet made from 100 percent cotton/canvas blend. these pet duvets are an eco-friendly and economically friendly pet bed option because you can simply wash the duvet and all contents instead of throwing the old dog bed away and purchasing a new one. go green! and let molly mutt help you create a green pet bed for your favorite pet.

log on to www.mollymutt.com to find that you can make your pets happy, help the environment, and save some money at the same time. mollymutt.com also offers pet shampoo and products to help you sanitize and deodorize your pet bed without harsh chemicals that could harm your pet or the environment.