diy tuesday: chevron rug

this week's diy tuesday is brought to you by one of the greatest design patterns out there: chevron stripes! longing to have more chevron stripes in my life i searched local home stores, thrift shops, and the internet for a rug featuring the pattern. unfortunately everything was way out of my price range! no need to worry though - with a quick tutorial i was well on my way to a chevron rug of my very own!

what you'll need:
-solid color rug - i got a white bathrug from ikea for $2!! (i'd stick to something lighter - white, beige, tan, etc.)
-painter's tape
-paint (i used spray paint, but in the tutorial she painted the stripes with latex paint)

what to do:
1. mark off your plain, old bathmat with the painter's tape to create the zig-zag chevron pattern. make sure that the tape is firmly pressed onto the fabric.

2. go outside! (or a well ventilated area) and spray paint your rug!

3. wait for the rug to dry thoroughly.

4. remove tape and marvel at your craftiness!