diy tuesday: peach cobbler

well, it's summertime-and that means some of my favorite fruit is in season. ESPECIALLY peaches. oh my my my my. &-being from the south, there is nothing that sounds better than cobbler-a warm dessert with ice cream (thankfully you can't see my drool as i type this)

i was in charge of dessert for our 4th of july party, so i made...yep-you guessed it. peach cobbler! this is my favorite recipe, and it never fails to impress (it's super simple-which is nice, too!)

*fun tip-to make it easier to peel peaches, cut a small x in the bottom and put the peach in boiling water for 30-45 seconds. then take it out & voila! the peel comes right off.

hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend!

(photo courtesy of party attendee, and fellow cobbler lover neil conway)