diy tuesday: pretty patterned coasters

when i stumbled across this cool diy project for homemade coasters i immediately became inspired. (thanks, kristy!) for quite some time i have wrestled with putting rocky's water and food bowls on beautiful hardwood floors - not to mention the floor dust/dirt that accumulates on a daily basis when you have a pup wreking havoc on your home. but not anymore! i present to you diy homemade puppy-size coasters.

what you'll need:
tiles (any hardware store)
12x12 scrapbook paper
mod podge (any craft store)
clear spray paint (any hardware store)
small felt pads (any hardware store)

what to do:
1. cut the paper into desired square shape - you'll want a small white border so squares should be smaller than the tiles.

2. adhere your paper squares to the tiles with the mod podge using a paint brush (i first covered the edges then worked my way across the entire square) and let dry.

3. spray a coat of clear spray paint and dry thoroughly.

4. attach a felt pad to each underside corner.

5. place under your dog's food/water bowl for optimal craftiness!