we ♥ molly mutt!

it's time again - get ready for our third october giveaway! this week we present: crate covers! no longer does your crate have to be an eyesore in your fabulous home! with the molly mutt crate cover, you’ll have a crate that matches your lifestyle (and living room!) our crate covers come in our stylish patterns, and the front panel rolls down and fastens shut for complete closure. better yet it comes in small, medium, and huge and fits most standard crate sizes!

we always love seeing fan pictures posted on our facebook wall, and with that in mind for this contest we want you to spread the love!

  • first: print out the speech bubble above by clicking the image or here
  • second: write in your pup's name and then break out your camera/creative thinking hat!
  • third: post a picture of your dog with our speech bubble to our facebook wall or e-mail it to help@mollymutt.com (and we'll post it for you).
the molly mutt team will judge entries, and next thursday (october 27, 2011) we will announce the winner, who will get a molly mutt crate cover! check out rocky's entry below!