M is for marvelous

typophile, fontophile, wordaholic. i am all of these. can't get enough. i am the monstrous nerd that keeps a vocabulary list of words i want to creep into my everyday speech...i write quotes on walls...a little over the top, probably. but like so many other things, i like it, so who cares?!
i saw this picture on sfgirlbybay & yes, we should probably be best friends (based on this picture & pretty much all of her posts).

i started thinking about how many letters i have strewn throughout my own san francisco apartment over the ages, and i thought i would do a little history of molly & her love of words on walls. hold on to your seats!
other random letters...someone needs to take more updated pictures of her apartment-these are from 2002 or the jurassic period or something (what was i THINKING with that baby blue wall & that purple one? was i living out some pastel fantasy?!?)...(kind of like looking at pictures of your hair from 8th grade, with those wicked ridiculous bangs, hypercolor tshirt & z cavaricchi's.)
oh, ps, if you want to do your own letter montage, paper-source has cardboard ones you can glue fun paper on. great cheap gift, too!