someone lost her wallet...

again, i lost my wallet. this is NOT, i repeat NOT the first time. it happens constantly. i hate carrying bulky, fat wallets/bags when i am dorking about, especially at night. so i usually find some place i THINK is clever at the time, to store my id & credit cards. a brilliant place like...hmm...in the back pocket of my jeans.

one time i even flushed my bank card down the toilet, without my knowledge, and this one little sad atm card ended up jamming the whole sewage system & caused the entire office to flood. a plumber came, dressed like a space man (mask, full plastic suit) & comes out of the bathroom holding a plastic something...and says "MOLLY MUNDT? is there a MOLLY MUNDT HERE?." i quit that job shortly after. it only took a few weeks of hearing the "molly, i think that toilet only accepts mastercard" comment as i walked to the bathroom for me to realize it may be time to move on. my pride could not be recovered.

it happened again just a few weeks ago. so now i am left with no on-the-go case for my stuff. so i went a-surfing & found a plethora of awesome replacements (some even refashioned!). hopefully you will have better luck with yours!
retromodern. eames chairs. metal. there's nothing not to love.
mixtgoods is a fun-tastic place place to find stuff...well...made from other stuff. are made from old books. combining two of my favorite things. books & crafts. another win-win.these wallets replayground offers a ton of sweet diy refashioning/upcycling tutorials. this one shows how to turn cereal boxes into card holders. inexpensive & customizable...booya.