oh happy day!

so here is my room, below. it's green & fabulous but i have NOTHING to put in it.
see that blank, blank wall staring at all of us? it needs something...but i can't be bothered to get all the pictures i want framed. what is a design-mongering girl to do?
& THEN...
(insert the ta-da! & lightbulb with sparks)

i saw jordan ferney's blog,
oh happy day post on regarding maybe the best wallpaper i have ever seen executed (meaning not in a wicked large ball of not-being-able-to-make-it-happen failures, as in my tragic past).

et voila.

i want. i want to cut it out of her house & have it moved into mine. please. right now. & the
great light fixture??
insanely jealous doesn't begin to cover it. congratulations, ms. jordan, this room officially made the cut. now i have yet Another Thing to add to my lifelong tome "molly's magical wishlist."
(& that little piece of the wall between the two rooms??!? need i say more?)

a few other impressive solutions to filling empty space:
this is WALLPAPER. freaking great. from wallcollection.com, you can buy this gotham-city-esque wallpaper, fitted to the exact dimensions of your wall, OR you can create your OWN completely customized version. the possibilities are...oh, i don't know...endless.
ferm living has great, albeit too-sophisticated for me wallpaper...but they also have wall stickers, like the power lines below. last, but certainly not least, you could buy a little something fabulous from wonderful graffiti. i found this in some magazine ages ago & am still trying to come up with the exact perfect thing i want...again, here, the possibilities are endless.
i stenciled my own walls, many years ago-"wit" on one & "wisdom" on the other. i also did a quote once...though i stared at the wall every day for all 3 years i lived in that apartment, i can't for the life of me figure out what it said. memory is the first thing to go, right?!
can't wait to see what the rest of you come up with!