if i just had something to write on

now this is actually never a problem for me-trying to find something to write on. at any given time, in my bag, you will find at least 3 notebooks, all with varying themes...the "favorite paper size sites/stores", "home lists", "work lists"-all in separate notebooks. yes, i am a freak. i have notebooks for EVERYTHING.this "technique" of finding stuff i like & cutting & taping it works as therapy. it's like putting all this stuff in your cart online & then shutting down your computer before you buy anything. it takes the edge off.

which are my favorite kinds of notebooks? i hate lines, always have. moleskine, albeit cliche, is probably the best brand out there for customizable books that easily slip into almost any bag. love the brown paper-ness. very craft-friendly. (check out the copious flickr groups...this one is my fav)

though i have never bought one, i ripped an image of this linkable notebook out ages ago from start here, i think from real simple magazine. it seems fantastic-i just worry that mine, with the copious list-making & note-taking would be a big honkin' thing in about 2 months. has anyone else ever bought one?

a few other favs, mostly because of the design or because of the features.subu i found on etsy-great selection & all recycled from old papers-WITH radical stuff stamped on the front. a gold star for you, subu! (& TOTALLY affordable.)next, from supermarket, these journals are from five and a half, which have so many cool covers it's radio gold. working with photojojo, they also give you a tutorial to make your own, using your own pictures. very cool of you, five & a half!

another favorite is by poketo, this one is a customizable journal, kind of moleskin-esque, but much more urban. see all the ways it can be one-of-a-kind? lover-ly.