oh no...i'm breaking my vow of silence

to the chagrin of quite a few of my friends, i collect toys. correct. all kinds, but mostly weird ones. NOT DOLLS. there isn't a single doll in my house (not that there's anything wrong with that.) but i need to share with you a little something called pinky street.

it is better than deep meditation, herbal tea & pilates all rolled into one.

pinky street is all plastic & the parts can be very small (not super great idea to have all the pieces out so your dog &/or little one can eat/choke on them. but other than that mild warning...476% awesome.
all of their hair comes off, so do their clothes...point is, when i am completely frazzled & beyond any artistic escape (photography, polaroid-ing-which is inherently different than shooting photos, making cards, etc.)...i turn to pinky street. one other picture...see, toys don't have to be lame! (as my friend ratty combs would say "molly, you are lame with cape"-to which i retort "well at least i am still a superhero"...not a very good comeback.)