buzz off...

bee story (which has apparently been going on since 2007, see here in the times...but i only heard it this morning on npr-yes, i am that kind of nerd).

a brief summary-a THIRD of the great britain & our bees have buzzed off...meaning it is getting kind of impossible to pollinate fruit, nuts, etc. (as the bees are apparently doing this handy job for us.) the question is WHY? why would so many of the bees hit the road, go rogue, gypsy out? scientists are attributing the mass exodus to the bee's sensitivity!! they are highly evolved in terms of social behaviors, etc. & all this moving around is just not cutting it. farmers truck them from one field to another & let them do their magic & then cart them off in flatbed trailers to another crop that needs pollinating. they need variety. HONEY BEES ARE FINICKY EATERS. and i guess 30% of them said "ENOUGH!!!"
i have thought about this story 35 times today. a million scenarios. kind of like the movie papillion or the great escape (or anything with steve mcqueen, whatev.) a couple of agro, fed-up, tricksy bees decide to spread the word-they're getting out. let's call these instigator bees "harlo" & "bip." these two rough characters round up the other dissenters & embark on a union-forming posse. i promise to continue the story, as it forms in my over-active imagination.