(re) fashioned furniture...2 very enthusiastic thumbs up

i always had this dream of creating a coffee table book that featured refashioned/upcycled furniture. walking the dogs every day in san francisco, i run across dumped, gross bookcases, tv consoles, you name it, pretty much every single day. sadly, i have no idea how to work with wood... that being said, i keep running across people who CAN make magic out of crap & i LOVE it. some of my fav home stuff that was originally something else. viva upcycling!
gear clock from kikkerlandshop (why is everything awesome @ this place?!?). how cool would these be next to my bed? ("soon, molly...very soon!")
a chair made from recycled cardboard tubes. what, what?!? people are brilliant, in this case, the onceneto design firm in chile created this conolounge for the design connection exhibit. freaking love it.
this ottoman used to be a washing machine drum! go to any salvage yard & you can definitely pick up one of these, CHEAP. there is a step-by-step tutorial by espirit cabane so you can make one of these yourself! yeah, diy!

from vivaterra (a magazine i found on the stairs outside my apartment...not sure why i got this, but so glad i did!). though a teense pricey, this ruler stool & kitchen set are SO COOL. these 2 sets are going on my permanent molly-wants-when-she-is-rich list.