mad men mania

why do i love this show so much? i mean, it kind of makes sense...being that i love pretty much everything from the late 50's, early 60's (clothes, magazines, how the whole world was right on the cusp of never being the same again...sigh.) i mean i freaking LOVE THIS ERA. women getting out there, in the work place-trying to be seen as man's equal. favorite quote from sunday's episode (lady is talking to the only girl copy editor at the ad firm) "don't be a man. don't even try. be a woman. it's powerful business when done correctly." BAM.

the 3-martini lunch. the cocktails before meetings, @ 10 in the morning, the constant, omg CONSTANT smoking-everywhere, including the doctor's office. the small waisted, big hipped marvel that is joan holloway (the office manager, and probably my favorite television character ever. she is pretty much the most fantastic thing i have seen in a long time.)

so in honor of mad men-a few retro appliances that i would absolutely take hostages for.

both this phone & the typewriter are from three potato four. can't really talk about this colour orange. it makes me an unparalleled level of happy.