on a day like today...

on a day like today, i need to imagine myself filthy rich & buying lots of stuff. on a disappointing-business-setback-type-of-24-hours i've had, i need to picture the copious amount of crap i will purchase when things are different (& i'm not eating ramen.) on a day like today...i envision taking everyone to mars ("don't worry, i'll pick up the tab...oh SURE, it's on me, don't even think about it!")back when i was creative director of a company-to-remain-unnamed, and i was chained with golden handcuffs, i bought a paul smith bag @ the heathrow airport...it was the stuff dreams are made of. when molly mutt hits the big time, i am buying everyone who helped me along the way one of these gems.
black chandlier. correct. dwr. double correct. i will be doing a LOT of shopping at design within reach when i am in the ridiculous tax bracket. trust me. (a $3,200 light fixture...i am salivating!)

next on my magic shopping list, "my beautiful backside-principessa" from moroso. now of course i have NO IDEA where in my chachy house this would go (my style could be described as "eclectic" at best...) but who cares. when i am richer than the catholic church, i will figure out a place for this little piece of magnificence. (ps, you know it's pricey when you can't find a price on the site...yikes!)