shut-in serenade

never thought it was possible.
i locked myself in my room & didn't realize it until this morning. 9 am. molly needs a bathroom & so do all 3 dogs. the door handle had completely fallen out of the door. one window in my room-2 floors from the ground, so no jumping. no one has my keys to come in & save the day, and both the front & back doors were locked.so in the most literal way, my three little pigs & i are trapped.

i shoved everything thing i could think of into the door handle hole-trying to turn that metal thing that was the key to our freedom. & i mean everything...
map pencils, stiletto heels, belt buckles, my finger (still hurts) & nothing came even close to turning the handle. finally, omg, finally...i banged a papermate pen (the kind of pens i HATE, and i mean DETEST, that were only in my room because i felt bad throwing them away) into the door hole with my journal & was able to turn the handle & get us out of our cage.

one hour of madness. none of us are the same.

*note to future molly-keep a screwdriver/wrench in your nightstand ALWAYS. either that, or take all doors off their hinges & live a barrier-free life...except for the bathroom, obviously.*

happy friday...(gotta stop typing now, my finger is screaming in protest)

(thanks french kheldar for the photo)