all about eve

it really is all about eve. i think because this wall-e was the best cartoon ever, it has been fodder for lots of awesomeness.
a friend of mine described the movie as capra-esque. and for those of you that love a happy ending & big fat smiles all the way through, see it.

this poster is by eric tan, and can be bought at acme direct (kinda pricey, but if i had the money i would totally buy it. (via blue tea book)

next is this instructables tutorial to make a plush eve toy. ok, let's look at the facts. i cannot sew. i have an almost brand-new sewing machine, took a beginner class, the whole nine. but i still can't make it work. depressing.

anyways, the mom came to visit in september, and she did the machine sewing, i did the by-hand bit. such a cute end result. (did i really use "cute", "happy ending" & big fat smiles" in the same post? i'm creeping myself out.) here is the finished product (i had to crop myself out-i mean the least flattering picture of me ever. & let's be real, only sadist like to have crap pictures up.)& last, but certainly not least, a sketch from amy mebberson (she is a f*ing great artist, and sketches stuff on post-its it would take me two years just to trace.