choke sensibility

saw choke (chuck palahniuk book-to-movie) yesterday. at the kabuki. (still not sure why there is a $3.50 extra charge per ticket. i kept waiting for the reason for the upcharge to reveal itself - ie, juggling midgets, jello shots, free lap dances...something. no dice.)
funny, bizarre & strange & good stuff. definitely not for the faint-hearted or puritanical set. but if you found fight club your kind of weird, you will like it.
this raises the bigger question- "is the movie ever going to be as good as the book?" my immediate reaction is "heck no"-mostly because my imagination always trumps what the director comes up with. but maybe there are exceptions? for instance, to be really girly, sense & sensibility was kind of a slow book (thank you jane austen)...but i love everything ang lee did with the movie.

we'll need to revisit this question when i can hear myself think (as in-when the freaking jets stop doing fly-bys over my apartment...i will not be sad to see the blue angels go. ugh.) picture from rachel papo's project-serial no. 3817131. pictures of girls in the israeli army. kind of awesome (so many of these girls are absolutely gorgeous-even in puke green.)