quiz show, then & now

scott posted about charles van doren article in the new yorker. i started reading the story, and it mentioned how the show's producers wanted someone attractive, suave, etc. i, of course, immediately envision ralph (pronounced RAYF, obviously) fiennes. he was in the movie, and that's the image that came to mind (also because i wasn't even a concept in 1956, so the movie is the closest thing i have to reality.)

i looked up the real charles van doren & compared him to the movie-based solely on looks, of course (feeling a little shallow this monday morning.)

um, what? ideas of beauty in 1956 & now seemed to have changed...

(dick goodwin, the guy trying to prove the game is a fraud, talking to charles van doren, the game show contestant.)
"i know you're lying."
"bluffing. it's called bluffing." (van doren's response.)

see? life is just a matter of perspective.