elvira, the ghost of christmas tarts

when did halloween turn into floozie fest? type that exact question into google & find a slew of other mutterers wondering what the * is going on. i started realizing i was a little off-base with modern times the year i was a munch's "the scream" surrounded by booty skirts & bad wigs.
i posed this question today to my friend, and he said definitely, 2 seconds after being asked "elvira. before elvira (or BE), people weren't porn cops/nurses/devils &/or maids." i decided to investigate. she became a household name let's say in 1988, the year she became coor's october spokesperson. that year, elvira costumes became the best-selling costume of all time (wtf?)

i started trolling looking for halloween trollops before then. i mean, yes, of course, in any year, there would always be the classic strumpet-she has always existed. but i'm talking tart-as-the-standard, the way things are now.
and lo & behold. there may be something in the theory that elvira made halloween slutty-because before 1988, people really just dressed as dorks.

well done, mistress of the dark. thanks for bringing pasty white thighs & fishnets into my reality every october 31st. yum.
(ps, i made the now-scantily clad ladies image black & white, so as not to offend you, the gentle reader-or the colourway of my blog. it's all about symmetry people. perfect symmetry. sadly, the black/white work did very little to mask the blech. that's me there, in the center.)

i am Hilarious. it's true.

(pps, i also should have posted a picture of elvira, as she was the central benchmark/pivotal point in the story. but i can't. that woman scares the crap out of me.)