the d.a.r. has sent a cannon for the courthouse square

o-ho the wells fargo wagon is a comin'...
i bought my dad the music man for father's day, when i was about 9, because i loved it & wanted it. classy, molly.
i am sitting on my hands, trying to keep focus on my big meeting tomorrow, but all i can do is keep singing that song..."o-ho the wells fargo wagon is a comin'...." i have even watched a youtube video to complete the nostalgia trip.
HURRY UP ups man. you're killing me.
& for those of you who despise musicals, i'm sad for you. yes, they are unequivocally chachy, and people busting into spontaneous singing & choreographed "numbers"- & in real life would be frightening & force me into permanent shut-in status. but as i kid, i wasn't allowed to watch tv, and musicals were the only tie to the "real world"-which probably accounts for my general weirdness.
thanks, mom.