forest for the trees...i wish i was outside.

so i love trees on stuff. very poetic, correct. i was going to quote the poem "i don't think that i shall ever see, a poem lovely as a tree." (the only non-white trash thing my crackhead grandfather imparted. correct.) but decided against it, due to the overt cheese factor. stuff with trees on it. that's the theme.feel like you are bathing in a tree, like a monkey or a cat. lick yourself to get the gross off. shower curtain $40 bills at urban outfitters.

these mugs come in a set of 4 & are customizable. f* the wedding registries, get these instead. the couple may not thank you for going off the beaten path, but i will think you're cool. from rust designs, $58 for the whole kit & kaboodle (i wish i still had my caboodle, that thing was awesome. a tackle box with polka dots. it's just that easy to be an entrepreneur.)this last gem i saw on poppytalk's blog, a brilliant idea from the company handmade wallpaper. and wish i had money so i could buy it. or i wish i was crafty enough to stencil it myself on a wall. i mean, i am ridiculously deft with me-hands...but this is on a whole other level.