mid-month mixed tape round-up

songs i have in my ear to turn my homicidal rage into snowcones & puppies.

i've been shoegazing like a MF. this mixed tape isn't for you top-40 types (& if there are those people out there-you don't read this. crisis averted.) depressing, melancholy-molly music. if you need more cocaine-themed stuff, go here-& no, this is not a link to hell.)

you can listen by going to favtape (which doesn't have every song in the world, and not always the exact ones i wanted...going to try & stop wanting to kill things when i have no control over them. deep breaths. it's either this cognitive training or prison.)

or you can be a free-lover of music & use rapidshare (just type in the name of the album & artist & "rapidshare blog" into google & get a url for a site to download for free-if you can't figure this out, email me so i can chastise/kill you.)
i go to 100 SHOWS A YEAR. i am a concert-whore. don't judge me. boo.