be the coolest kid in the cafeteria

whatever. i guess i will settle for these so-cute-they-make-me-sick lunchbox alternatives. what really flames me out, is that if i was in elementary right now, there is no way i would have been able to have one of these. me, the chronic "i lost my ___" every single day. i roughly calculated once that i lost 476 coats & lunchboxes in 13 years of primary school. now that, is something to be proud of.
from vivo direct, this pretty little lady is $19 shekels.
from the little happyshop, only $17.80 (this is my favorite pattern, which is out of stock, but on reorder. there are other ones if you must-have now.)

ok, so this last one isn't technically i replacement for a he-man lunchbox. but it is still lunch-y related. just go with it & stop being a grouch. GOD. not everything has to be so LITERAL. ugh. (can you say "projecting" boys & girls?) from a plus r store, $52 mazumas for the whole "i'm so modern" set. you'll be the yuppiest person at the park. that should be motivation enough.