moxie & me, blurg moment #2

this will be my new favorite word. because it starts with "m", clearly the best letter in the alphabet (which is why i have 2 of them) & it means determination/nerve-and we can all agree i probably have a smidge of either of those.

i want to post something poetic, jump up & scream philosophical & brilliant about moxie & me. how we met, our respective backgrounds, the pivotal point in the story when we fight & then make up...you know, pulitzer prize winning stuff.but i forgot to reset my alarm this morning, missed a meeting with the banker, had to clean up dog barf, lost my phone (it ran away) & had to call in reinforcements to help me locate it (via fb chat, i mean does anyone still have a land line with an actual phone attached to it?), and now it's 11 freaking o'clock.

so the einstein/steinbeck/rushdie prose will have to wait until i get my brain situated.

(picture via ffffound. best place to waste time-%$ #*% it's 11:45. how does this continue to happen to me?!?)