valentine's day propaganda, part 2

this is a commercially hyped-facade of confection hearts & melted chocolate. this playlist took about 2 minutes to make. so either, again, i have a depressing taste in music (check) or there have been reasons for me to listen to these songs in the past (check.)
some of my favorite lyrics:

"there's one thing i want to say, so i'll be brave. you were what i wanted; i gave what i gave. i'm not sorry i met you. i'm not sorry it's over. i'm not sorry there's nothing to save."

"i'm under no illusion as to what i meant to you, but you made an impression and sometimes i still feel the bruise."

*oh, and all the lyrics to untouchable face & the eamon song are perfect x 476% for a broken heart (but are inappropriate to write out, and are probably not suitable to be listened to at full volume if you work in an office you don't own.) make a note for future reference.

the whole playlist can be heard here.