valentine's day propaganda, part 1

valentine's music for both camps.

part 1. music for those that are in love, love, magical, happy, skipping-along-the-beach love. this first playlist is for you. the lyrics celebrate all that is pink about love. (ps, of the two parts of this valentine's day coin, the happy one was 476 times more difficult than the "love is crap" playlist. this either says something about my music taste or about something more. let's hope it's the former.)

some of my favorite bits & bobs:

"i wish you got the flu...i’ll buy you a spiderman comic and read you ’til you fall asleep. sleep on my shoulder! i won’t wake you even if my back turns crooked and i have to walk with a limp for a week...you're the cutest thing i've ever seen. like a teddy bear on heroin."

"the book of love has music in it. in fact that's where music comes from. some of it is just transcendental. some of it is just really dumb but...i...i love it when you sing to me and you...you can sing me anything."

the whole playlist can be heard here.
*disclaimer, i wanted to put a ton of other songs on both lists, but they weren't available on favtape. lame.